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Me in '91

Hey! I'm Nick

I started with a question: how can digitizing a talk-therapy session make talk-therapy even better?

And now, together with my best friend and cofounder, Madhav Patel, we're building TalkPlayground, a community and digital platform for getting the most out of our therapeutic conversations.

I started going to therapy in my 20s, and still go today. It’s been invaluable for my growth and maturity, but sometimes I found myself wanting more: more support, more perspective, and more feedback.

Madhav and I designed TalkPlayground from the ground up, as both a peer-based community for peer learning and peer support video calls, and an AI-first platform for people who want to leverage the latest advances in AI/LLM technology to accelerate their healing journey.

All problems are interpersonal relationship problems

I strongly believe the solution to many of our world's problems is through developing our highest potential in interpersonal communication skills.

To learn more you can follow along on Twitter. Madhav and I are looking forward to meeting you!

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