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San Francisco

Me in '91

My Facilitation Experience and Training

Professional Experience and Training:

TalkPlayground - Facilitated over 500 group calls

Authentic Revolution - Completed Foundations of Facilitation

Stanford - Participated in "Touchy Feely" and T-Group Communications, Com19, and over 50 courses in continuing studies for humanities

Apple - Completed Leadership and Communication training

Conscious Leadership Group - Conscious Leadership Course Series

Daniel Goleman -  Emotional Intelligence Course Series

The School Of Life - Engaged in 15 courses and workshops (London, virtual) and attended 4 conferences (Lisbon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York)

UCLA - Outdoor Leadership Training and Outdoor Guide


I am deeply passionate about leadership and group facilitation, with extensive self-study encompassing over 40 books and numerous other resources. My studies focus on:

  • Personal and Professional Development: Insights from Alain de Botton and practical applications from Harvard Business Review on emotional intelligence, and playful experiences with improv.
  • Philosophy and Mindfulness: Learning from the works of Victor Frankl and the principles of Buddhism.
  • Coaching Techniques: Exploring various methodologies from, NonViolent Communication, Conscious Leadership Group and understanding the commitments to conscious coaching.
  • Community Building: Studying the art of gathering from authors like Priya Parker and Vivek Murthy to enhance group cohesion.
  • Healing: Delving into the emotional development and healing processes with guidance from Brene Brown, Dr. Nicole LePera, Lewis Howes, and others.

My take aways:

  • Mastering the art of speaking consciously and honestly, employing a rich vocabulary of emotion words.
  • Excelling in guiding conversations that are both light-hearted and profound.
  • Cultivating an environment where people feel heard and understood.
  • Empathetic leadership: Reflecting on my own experiences to better relate to and support others.