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Me in '91

Feeling overwhelmed with stress?

You're not alone. Stress can start from work, relationships, and the relentless pursuit of success. It's not just about bad days—when it's chronic it can lead to sleepless nights, declined social engagements, and a loss of our true self.

When stress is ignored, it chips away at our health, joy, and potential. It's about what you miss when you're overwhelmed, like restful sleep, social events, and feeling like yourself.

My Transformation Through Peer Groups

I've been there. I tried massages, medical marijuana, exercise, painkillers, and more. But what truly empowered me  the most was a peer group that helped me understand the weight of "hyper-independence"—believing I had to do everything on my own. Now I call it a "self-reliance bottleneck", yes we can do everything ourselves, but it will squeeze us.

Why Peer Groups Can Change Everything for You Too:

Empathetic Listening & Reflective Feedback:: A crucial step in all of our suffering is knowing that we are not alone. The benefits of empathetic listening:

  • Emotional validation
  • Deep understanding
  • See more about my method here

Stress Reduction: Peer groups have been shown to significantly reduce stress levels

Facilitated Connections: You’ll be heard without judgment, creating a trusting group dynamic

Skill Development & Accountability: An environment that holds you accountable is essential for growth.

  • Increased Self-Awareness
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Emotional Self-Expression & Emotional Regulation

Empowerment & Transformation: Once all the above is accounted for, we will have the safety for true life changes and transformation, building confidence and resilience.